The thoughts of the last MIXOVKA or How it was.

19 October 2011

A bus, a night, old songs on the air and brandy… It was approximately our mood when we were coming back from MIXOVKA.

2,5 months of preparations, getting-together the participants, formats development, nervousness apropos of quorum were over. The meeting itself was also in the past…

I left with a sense of achievement; I was pleased that all my ideas, emotions and thoughts of the journeys and the meeting format were implemented. During the meeting itself I noted constantly some moments which have to be done in a different way next time. We had 5 formats but we didn’t understand all their peculiarities in full. I didn’t know if this or that communication form could help in creation of Energy, so I observed a spark appearing between the people from outside. Some formats turned out nonperforming and some built a “fire” unexpectedly.

But formats are just tools for communication, and people, participants are above all.

I will tell everything, as it happened.

Before our leaving for the Crimea on Friday we have collected 50 requests. During the last week some participants gave up, another appeared. I stopped to follow the list of incoming participants; I decided to make a surprise for myself and to get acquainted with the arrived travelers at MIXOVKA. Of course the quantity of participants was less than 100 planned but we, as organizers, were satisfied. Our minimum program was completed.

Due to leaving of an organizer, a video-project that we planned to make on the basis of the meeting almost failed. But on the last day before MIXOVKA we were joined by Miksovkoy Oksana and Dennis and they undertook the creation of a documentary film. This movie is more about the travelers than about the meeting itself.

So at 5.00 a.m. on Thursday our tight-knit company dashed to the Crimea. Weather forecast predicted rains… Bad weather forecast doesn’t scare you on a distance and in future until you don’t face with it here and now.

The interesting things began immediately as we arrived to the reserved place at the cape Sarych. Having arrived at 17.00, we saw the drunken owners of the base. Supposedly they have heard about our arrival and even waited for us, but nothing was ready. There were neither firewood, nor light. It lasted 6 daylight hours till MIXOVKA starts so we had to get to work immediately.

The “fun” started in the morning… At 1.00 p.m. it started to drizzle and then a heavy shower began. You feel yourself not comfortable when you get up at 6 a.m. and listen to the howl of the wind and the rattle of the rainfall on a tent.

The idea to conduct the open-air meeting using awning only as a rain-protection failed: it was 10 degrees above zero, rain and a strong side-wind. All these facts didn’t create a cozy atmosphere for communication. We decided to move to an awning pavilion of a café. Of course, I insisted on open-air meeting but thankfully our girls have dissuaded me from this idea. Finally it was quite cold even in this closed pavilion and I had to pull at a canteen with brandy constantly…

The participants began to get-together by 10.00 a.m. There were 30 people at the opening. After the welcoming speech each of the participants has written or drawn something on his own flag. On the edge of Sarychskij precipice we have fixed the MIXOVKA flag and extended the cord with 30 small painted flags. That was cool! (It was the idea of the web-designer of our team Sanya Bratukh to make these little flags.)

Sergey Gordienko has opened MIXOVKA. Sergey is a professional traveler, a polar explorer, who has passed on foot and by kayak more than 100000 km and his support was very important for us.

Then the program has begun: short and long stories, informal talks about planned journeys, movies exhibitions… The program turned to be oversaturated but very informative.

MIXOVKA was visited by yachtsmen, backpackers, bicyclists and of course moto-travelers who composed the major part of the participants. The geography was also interesting – Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria. Two guys 40 years of age Dimo and Sabin specially came by bikes from Sofia to MIXOVKA.

One is a traveler; another is a sportsman and a participant of motocross country rally. Cool and open-hearted guys!

The rain stopped suddenly by the middle of the first day and even the sun appeared, but it was still terribly cold.

In general, mood is an interesting thing, as soon as the sun came out a little; the mood became better and merrier. The life began; people became more active and energetic. The rain was predicted for all 3 days of our meeting but as soon as all the participants gathered, the rain stopped and got away for all 3 days.

All 50 people got together by mid-Friday.


Different, very different people but all of them are united by road and unwillingness to stay in one place

We had our own “stars”. Denis Scherbina reached Egypt by self-made catamaran, having only 200 dollars in the pocket; his easy attitude to life and spontaneity changed my postulates about the preparations to long and distant journeys.

Dimo is Bulgarian, he told us about his travel to the Pamir from Bulgaria via Iran and Turkmenistan.

Sergey Gordienko told the stories about his single hiking journey along Baykal-Amur Railroad and expedition to the North Pole. On the last day we all have discussed the upcoming motorcycle world tour of Ivan Petrov, the hospitable local guy…

The communication intension was beyond the limit. But I like that!))

All my friends gathered at MIXOVKA!!!

We managed to test all the formats and I was oversaturated with information. I guess the other participants felt the same.

I think that the format is interesting; it really opens up new spaces in the inner worlds of the participants. We only have to take into account all mistakes and energy leak spots and everything will be GREAT)).

We have even arranged with Sabin for MIXBAG promotion in Bulgaria.

It was cool, interesting and unusual…

Gatherings around the fire, close companionship, songs with a guitar until the morning… During MIXOVKA we have combined tourist evenings with information-intensive days. It is something like a combination of creation and technology))

Nowadays we prepare a movie and think about MIXOVKA 2.0.

Now each of us got new friends in this mobile world.

I love unusual and risky projects so much!!!

P.S. This event wouldn’t take place without a MIXBAG’s team:

Alona Andriienko, Yana Izmajlova, Sanya Bratuh, Kristina Kotolevskaja. Thanks to Vita Kravchenko for photos and photo exhibition. And thanks to Denis and Oksana Koklonskaja for future documentary about MIXOVKA’s people.

And thanks to all MIXOVKA’s participants, who weren’t afraid of a bad cold weather and unclear moments of the event, held for the first time!!!

a few more photos:

Photo exhibition
Playing gorodki

Discussing the upcoming motorcycle world tour of Ivan Petrov

Bulgarian friends are leaving




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