I’m not the typical consumer who buys things for the sake of accumulating objects. I prefer to purchase only the most necessary, the most essential, and the most universal things. MIXBAG is one of those things. In creating MIXBAG, I wanted an assistant for every occasion of my dynamic life. I am constantly moving around the city, traveling to new cities, and traveling to new countries. I wanted a bag that I can carry in a car, on a motorbike, bicycle, or by foot. The ability to carry MIXBAG in ten different configurations, and the possibility to change the useful volume from a small bag to a backpack, allows MIXBAG to be your assistant in every facet of your life. MIXBAG is the assistant for those who are constantly striving for and moving towards something new.


The first of its kind meeting of real travellers, created for acquaintance, intensive communication, exchange of experience, discussing of unusual ideas and unique travel-projects.



Torpal company produces shop fittings for stores, furniture fittings, trading fittings, metal shelving, dismountable shelving, trading furniture. Our Design Department makes projects for different kinds of stores (clothes, shoes, etc.), creates special store design and makes store interior optimal.



“9UP” project is completely non-commercial project aimed to create virtual and real platform for meeting, communication and cooperation of interesting, energetic and in some way unique people.