Meeting of travellers – MIXOVKA 2.0 Reloaded

18 June 2012

We continue to experiment. We continue to mix the styles and directions of the life…

The first MIXOVKA showed that we are on target. The format proved to be viable, generating energy of communication and inspiration.

So we go on!


It will be warmer this time – the Crimea, September 14th-16th.

Exclusive fraternity: 50-100 real travellers – adventurers

The format of the travel isn’t important: whether it is bicycle, bike, car, airplane or old good hitchhiking. The main goal – this journey should have a certain challenge, adventure for the traveller.

Once again we will share our impressions about travels we’ve got through and develop new venture trips, watch movies and exchange inspiration.

I hope that, besides our Bulgarian and Russian friends, the travellers from other countries will join us.

You already can and should register yourself on!

And if you still know nothing about MIXOVKA, you can watch our movie “Get underway!” This movie is a digest of the meeting which inspires by itself:


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