February 1st. Pintagon Club. MIX Meeting + Premiere!

20 January 2012 , ,

With a great pleasure I invite everybody who is interested in travels and everything connected with them to the long-awaited first run of the movie “Get underway” about the unique meeting MIXOVKA and unique people – travelers who have got together in October, 2011 on the southern coast of the Crimea.

The movie has turned out dynamic and sincere. It was created by the friends of MIXOVKA – Oksana Koklonskaya and Denis Fesenko.

In addition to the half-hour movie and the story about the future of MIXOVKA I will briefly tell about my journey “Asian Triathlon” and I hope we with Alexei Tavrin will show a teaser of the future movie about this journey.

And in the end I’ll tell about the preparation to the international project – motorcycle world tour  “The Way of Life”.

Drop in!!!



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