In a few words…

I live a life of motion and inspiration.

Tae Kwon Do was my first passion. As a young man, I became the Tae Kwon Do champion of Ukraine and a prize winner in Europe.

After athletics, came business. I started and ran TORPAL, a company that produces shop fixtures and provides a range of comprehensive services to Ukrainian and Russian retailers. TORPAL was my life for 15 years. Even with its success, I felt my life was unrealized, and unfulfilled. I wanted to focus my life and my business on innovation. I wanted to create new projects and products that had never been thought of before.


So, along with my team, we started several new projects: – web-portal in the area of trade. – a social site that brings together unique people.

I discovered a new passion in 2010, solo motorcycle traveling. My first solo moto trip took me around the Black Sea on a 20,000 km trip across Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. I followed that up in 2011 with a solo moto trip around Pakistan and India. For me, traveling is a process of understanding my life and creating movies and books based on it. You are welcome to access them

While moto traveling, we created the MIXBAG project – unique transformer bag. This is a true fashion assistant that can hold all your necessities phone, tablet, money, keys, camera…all in one bag. I brought it with me on my travels, and it made moving from city to city and country to country, easy and organized.

It might sound cliche, but I strive to be present in every moment of my life. That is why I strive for “MIX-life,” a term I created to describe the harmonious pursuit of life, art, and business.